Are You A Boomer Living in a World Overrun by Millennial Entitlement When It Comes to Your Hobbies and Interests? Let’s Start Strumming A Plan to Realize Your Guitar Dreams!

It’s really a shame. Our greatest generation is being taken over and pushed aside by Generation Y and Z who don’t know the first thing about the ABCs of life. Boomers like you are the ones who have seen it all and done it all – no complaints, no whining. So many Boomer hopes and dreams were shelved to make way for more practical pursuits. Does this sound like you? Are you a budding guitarist who kept the strings at bay or your interest a pipedream to make money and work for The Man? Guess what? Now is the time to put your goals first. I’m here to help with a REVOLUTIONARY approach to learning the guitar like a pro – GUARANTEED!

Finally – A Rapid Guitar Learning System Designed Specifically for Adults!

Folks like you and me have been told to stand back and let the young whippersnappers shine. WRONG!

Friend, my name is Mark and I’ve been a guitar instructor and professional player for nearly a decade. And I started this second career later in life. Your age is not a negative; your life experience allows you to maximize the effectiveness of neuroplasticity. Your brain can adapt to anything because you can adapt to anything!

Still not sure if you fall into this category? I get it. You, through no fault of your own, have fallen into a mental trap. You’re believing the naysayers because that’s what our society craves. Allow me to share with you my story of going FROM DOUBTER TO DOMINATOR of the guitar!

Music has sustained me in life. It was the only class I showed even the slightest interest. I wish I could say my family supported me, but they were insistent on a Math and Science focus. Heck, I’d get the belt sometimes if I skipped algebra homework for strumming.

Friend, when your parents and those closest to you are telling you guitar lessons are pointless because you’re not the next Hendrix, you bury your head in the sand and drown in tears. You also dig deep and choose another path, one that will result in a stamp of approval.

After graduating from college, I got married. Had a family. I continued to put everyone else’s interests ahead of my own. There came a point when I was sick of it; yet, I had no recourse. My love of music was gnawing at me, clawing to come out. But how?

Then something INCREDIBLE happened, a true twist of fate. I was talking with my kid’s choir teacher during a Parent/Teacher conference and my love of guitar came up. I explained it was a passion that I could never perfect. She smiled and asked me to stay later than the other parents. I was intrigued.

Later that night, she shared with me THE SECRET LESSON TECHNIQUE that helped her go from total guitar novice to paid music teacher in fewer than three months! She provided me with the information I would need to get started right away. WOW is all I have to say! It’s not hyperbole to say this CHANGED MY LIFE!

The same gets to happen to you!

Trust Me, You Do Not Need to Study Music Theory to Learn to Play the Guitar Like A Pro

I have played guitar alongside some of the world’s most famous acts. There is nothing more fulfilling than living your dream. And that’s not to say that if you simply want to learn guitar because it’s always been an interest, that’s not a good enough aspiration. OF COURSE, IT IS! My professional calling is to make musical dreams reality. Yours included! And the brilliance of my lesson plan is you do not need to have a musical background. My system is built on taking advantage of THE ONE TRICK needed to activate your brain to master chords and hear notes. It’s muscle memory at its finest!

Prepare to Have Every Guitar Myth Shattered! There is Nothing Holding You Back!

Regardless of whether you’re in your 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s and up, your time is at a premium. Maybe you’re juggling a career and a family. Maybe you’re continuing your education. Maybe you’re learning a new job. Maybe you’re trying to figure life in retirement out. The situation is not the bigger issue. In my experience, the problem with learning an instrument in your prime years is self-doubt. I’m too old. I don’t have the time. I don’t have the musical knowledge. You are SO CLOSE to finally understanding how crazy these myths truly are. Are you with me?!

This is The Moment You Experience the Freedom to Be Yourself and Follow Your Musical Dreams. Get Access to Guaranteed Guitar Playing Success!

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